Plastic Monster Bag

PMB, together with Ekologi Brez Meja (, Lukatarina and Eco Vitae we collected 40.000 used plastic bags and 7.500 used plastic cups from 12 kindergartens, 21 primary schools, 4 high schools and 3 faculties from the city of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and from more than 500 people from Ljubljana.Plastic Bag Monster from Kongresni trg spreads its plastic tentacles through the streets of Ljubljana. It symbolizes the spreading of the consumerism and waste segregation. The monster itself has adjusted to the environment and therefore survived. It is supplanting us from the food chain. It just might succeed and it’s all up to us. It is reproducing with inconceivable speed and knows no mercy. It feeds on individuals’ sloth and irresponsibility.
The Miha Artnak
Lovka na lovce (The Tackle of the Tentacle)
November, 2010

Lukatarina y Eco Vitae han recolectado 40.000 bolsas de plástico usadas y 7.500 vasos de plástico en la ciudad de Liubliana (Eslovenia).
Plastic Bag Monster o el Monstruo de las bolsas de plástico extiende sus tentáculos por las calles de la capital.