Things that should dissappear from world

Or at least useless things I'd like to put in a box and send to the moon in order to make life much longer.

-Coke should be change for orange juice. If each single person that usually drinks coke would drink orange juice, the whole world would begin to be happier. People get hooked on something unhealthy, losing the control, like a drug. Drinking, drinking, drinking. What do you want to drink? Coke, of course.

-The verb to work, it means obligation, grey days, tiredness. Maybe it's better to "do what we've decided to do"!

-The truth. Truth is as unhealty as coke, or even worse. The ancients said: out of sight, out of mind. That's why everybody wants to return to childhood.

-God of the cold and his freetime full of puffs and whispers and breathes. Someone has to be his friend and play cards with him, or chess or even poker if he likes it. The point is get him out of that window where he's always annoying.

-Sleeping. Imagine a world where you could sleep just three hours after go clubbing, ready to work or whatever. Life would be much longer, with days of experiences and knowledge. And later, when you haven't got anything to do, you would say: okey, let's go to sleep some days.

-Pineapple. When I was ten I had a bad experience with this fruit, I was about to stop breathing and after that its flavour was so disgusting.

-The underground train, because it's a grey mean of transport useful just raining days where god of the cold is alone and bored.

-Blind people who don't see anything and them complainings about pavements instead of get a guide dog.